At Reaching Beyond Limits we put the individual first. Our services and activities are tailored to accommodate each person’s specific needs.


We provide many services at RBL which include: Day Program Services, In-Home & Community Supports, Behavior Support Services, & Family/Caregiver Training & Support.


Teamwork skills are encouraged through group activities and games, through both onsite and offsite activities.

Community Outings

We are committed to helping our clients stay active and engaged in the community, so every day we’re open, a community outing is on the schedule.
We go everywhere we can, from Hillside Farms to Knoebel’s Amusement Park, the farmers market to local parks.

Giving Back

Our individuals also have the opportunity to do volunteer work while with Reaching Beyond Limits. We have relationships with local non-profits, and it’s not uncommon to see our staff and individuals helping at local food pantries and other volunteer organizations.

Check-In Chat

Each morning, we facilitate a group discussion, encouraging our individuals to share thoughts about their lives and the world. Often, their comments will inspire us to think about something in a brand new way.

Clients’ Choice

Our last activity slot of the day is the client’s choice. Every aspect of their chosen activity is also up to them, including participation in any group. As always, the staff is on hand for guidance and assistance.